What was that with these “smellz”?

What does your nose tell you? We researched, we tried, we failed. Perhaps not so much failed, as didn’t find a suitable use case. Maybe you can do better? If you can include scent into an environment, individualized, for short or for long term and also based on some triggers, what would it be you’d find interesting and what would you like to experience and test? Tell us what you think and help us to come up with a really super interesting study here. Just put your idea in a comment below! A while ago, we heard about the possibility to test a device which enables us to produce customized scents. We found this super interesting, as we had several use cases in mind already where smell and scent were the missing pieces in the overall story. Our initial thought was: Wow, amazing! Let’s do it and bring some more senses into play! First thoughts: Including this device into our Smart Dressing Room, so that we could surround the customer with an individualized scent either due to his user profile and preferences or matching the scent with the clothes he brought into the cabin, like a fresh sea breeze, sun lotion … Continue reading What was that with these “smellz”?