This is your guide to the world of SAP Customer Experience Labs. A brief description of all our prototypes, and a link to the relevant articles on the blog. Enjoy!


Bayesian Network Builder

Programming library written in Scala for creating Bayesian networks throughout a simple domain specific language. Read related posts....    



Zefiro is an automated agent that motivates the e-commerce user to complete a purchase deal by negotiating price and conditions. Zefiro also acquires user information... read more →

Smart Mirror V 2.0

The Smart Mirror V 2.0 is based on the first version of this showcase but includes Edge AI for on-device transfer learning. A store owner... read more →

Code Name: Antwerp

This prototype gets its name from the Belgian city's harbour and connection to diamonds. The moving of goods and handling of a high quality product... read more →



Visual-Search. Discovery. Attribution. FashionLabs is a consumer app using visual search powered by context driven services.  This prototype shows how S/4HANA can integrate with C/4HANA to connect the... read more →

AR Soccer

Digitizing the Sales Process based on WeChat and Augmented Reality This showcase is about bringing the products of an enterprise closer to their customers and... read more →

VIVO – Secure Data Sharing

VIVO is an app that provides decentralized, secured, and self-controlled data and consent management for the field of 'consumer-to-brand' or 'brand-to-consumer' engagement. Data portability and... read more →

Intelligent Engagement

Modern facial recognition, voice analysis tools, heart rate scanners, and infrared cameras can help companies identify customer behavior promptly, interpret it correctly, and offer the... read more →


Yo!AvatAR is a gamification prototype using image recognition and augmented reality. AR-avatars are linked to various products and can be unlocked by buying a product... read more →

Live Energy

Wasting energy or letting energy go to waste are chief concerns of today's society. Sometimes it's just about creating awareness and giving an incentive to... read more →


Smart Mirror

SAP Customer Experience Labs Smart Mirror, a showcase built for  Marketing, features a service-oriented approach for custom-built innovations combining internal and external cloud services. We... read more →

Digital Real Estate Agent

This digital transformation showcase outlines the impact of digitalisation on business models and business processes. The way products and/or services are delivered from vendor to... read more →

Smart Driving

Digitalisation & digital transformation always come with a huge impact on business models and business processes. One of those transformational areas deals with how products... read more →
y Alexa Dot


The yAlexa prototype integrates the SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) APIs with the Alexa Voice and Skill system. Via voice actions, the linked customer... read more →


- Customer engagement at your fingertips Charly is the name of our SAP Customer Experience Labs chatbot. Via Facebook Messenger Charly can help you with... read more →

Pepper Instore Assistance

This demo showcases a scenario for customer engagement via the humanoid robot Pepper. Imagine you walk down the street and see an advertisement poster of... read more →


- from Noise to Signal Signal is an SAP Customer Experience Labs virtual reality live interaction experiment, showcasing a SAP Customer Experience Labs vision: VR... read more →


Expose is a SAP Customer Experience Labs experiment that combines RFID and IoT technology with YaaS (Hybris as a Service). The purpose of this experiment... read more →

Identity Verification Showcase

In this showcase, we demonstrate how machine learning can provide service agents with more insights, for instance during an identity verification process, when checking if... read more →


Infinite Cart

Infinite Cart is a prototype for any scenario within which the customer is not able to put the items of interest into a physical shopping... read more →



Moto is the fourth prototype of our IoT series and again we're shifting the focus of what we want demonstrate. When we built the Smart... read more →

The Changing Room

A changing room is equipped with an RFID scanner and a tablet computer. When an item (labelled with an RFID tag) is brought into the... read more →


Tiles are small platforms with battery-powered sensors that, via BLE, are connected to a hub that collects all the data from these sensors. This prototype... read more →

Augmented Commerce

Augmented Commerce is an enhancement of our previous augmented reality prototype. The basic idea of recognising objects with your phone or tablet and then directly... read more →


Funky Retail

Funky Retail is designed to promote a set of products in a very prominent manner. There are two phases to the scenario around this prototype.... read more →

Oktoberfest of Things

We built a beer table that monitors the filling levels of beer mugs at big events or crowded bars. By putting simple pressure sensors underneath... read more →

Smart Wine Shelf

With the Smart Wine Shelf customers are able to establish their personal wine profile by answering a few questions. Once the profile is ready, it... read more →

Bunch of Beacons

This app displays a list of products (in our use case: mobile devices running different operating systems, i.e.  iOS, Android, Windows 8). As the user... read more →

Tap2Buy (Easy Shopping)

This app simplifies mobile shopping. Information relevant for online shopping, like sizes, address, payment preferences, is stored locally. But this information is not just assigned... read more →

Shopping with Friends

This app is meant to inject some group dynamics to the shopping process by adding an element of gamification. A store offers a voucher, the... read more →



This app is designed to recognise predefined ultrasound tags that are embedded into a specific video. The ultrasound tags are assigned to various products in... read more →

Shopping gets Sexy

Omni-channel commerce at its best, demonstrating how the online and the offline world can be connected. A gesture based product navigator that is installed behind... read more →

NFC Beer Garden

This is a prototype of an order-taking and fulfilment application, to show how hybris can empower the offline customer just as if he were online.... read more →