What is SAP Customer Experience Labs?

We’re innovators, researchers, concept designers. At SAP Customer Experience Labs we investigate emerging technologies to identify upcoming trends and apply them to new business models to inspire the future SAP Customer Experience product roadmap.

What does Hybris Labs do?

What does SAP Customer Experience Labs do?

We want to INSPIRE… our customers, colleagues and partners by building futuristic prototypes and innovative showcases that demonstrate the potential of SAP Customer Experience products.

We want our customers, partners and colleagues to EXPERIENCE… our ideas at events, in our showrooms, through pilot projects and co-innovation.

We want to SHARE… our findings and knowledge with our customers, partners, start-ups, students, colleagues and the entire SAP innovation ecosystem.

How does SAP Customer Experience Labs…



The ideas for our prototypes and demos derive from a genuine interest in emerging technologies which we apply to areas in the business world that provide room for innovation. We start with an open mind and then work towards finding the link between the status-quo, the trend, and the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. Labs wants to inspire the vision for the company’s future.


…let you EXPERIENCE?

We don’t just conceptualise, we code and build. You’ll get the chance to test our creations and tell us what you think. When we present our showcases at events and in our showrooms, we expect to be criticised. It’s up to you – our customers, partners and colleagues – to evaluate the relevance of our demos. The experiences you gain will let you understand the direction in which we’re heading, enabling you to tell a story about your very own vision.



We love shooting videos and writing blog posts to spread the word, but that’s not enough. Collaboration is our tool of choice to widen knowledge externally and internally. By working together with customers, partners, other SAP teams, universities and start-ups, we want to create a network that fuels innovation within SAP Customer Experience and beyond. Sharing means caring! We will learn about our customers business problems and engage in co-innovation projects to solve them.

Contact us

Our teams are located in the SAP Customer Experience office in Munich and the SAP headquarters in Walldorf.
If you’d like to get in touch, send us an email: